Introducing new eyewear standards

Our products incorporate significant changes to how eyewear frames are designed, such as (a) low bridge slope, (b) low pantoscopic tilt, and (c) wide nose piece flare; these factors result in frames that don’t pinch, slide down or rest on top of the nose. Through the use of our products, customers can expect comfortable and confident fit from beautifully designed, sophisticated and trendy products.

An Afropolitan Brand

Our products are aimed at Afropolitans: Young, urban, and culturally-savvy generations of Africans and people of African descent with a global perspective can be found in major cities from London, Paris, New York, Berlin, and Lagos to Johannesburg. Afropolitans have a passion for style and self-expression. They want to be represented in the products they buy and support independent brands that represent them on a global level.

Bits and Atoms

The magic comes together through the innovative technological agreement of parametric design and additive manufacturing. Our products exist as adaptable chunks of information until the time of purchase, which accelerated our product development and gives us the flexibility to respond quickly to changes in fashion trends.


Ackeem Ngwenya
Managing Director | Product Developer
Ackeem is passionate about design and creativity as problem solving tools and how both frame his view of the world to see possibilities and drive innovation where scarcity exists.


Shariff Vreugd
Business Developer
Shariff is optimistic about the future and how new digital technologies impact businesses and our personal lives. He loves to research trends and developments in the tech/startup world. Hobbies include football, fashion, and tech.


Justice Mvemba
Social Media | Branding
Product knowledge, flexible thinking and an analytical mind are the three key skills I have developed over the past years. I‘m excited to make my own contribution in order to achieve the overall goal: representation in design products.