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White label redefined

Step into a world of fashion-forward eyewear with our revolutionary white-label subscription. With the power of REFRAMD behind you, you'll harness our cutting-edge technology and design skills to create your own unique eyewear products. Our white label service offers the flexibility to customize and rebrand our solutions to fit your specific needs while maintaining the highest quality standards with REFRAMD. From inception to execution, we work closely with you to ensure your vision comes to life.

Lead benefits

Exclusive Access
You'll discover and choose from a brand-new collection of meticulously crafted eyewear designs every six months.

Multiple variations per design
Unleash your brand's individuality and meet customer needs with our remarkable range of options. Each design comes in various nose profiles, sizes and colours.

Ahead of trend curve
With access to the latest designs, you'll always be ahead of the fashion curve, effortlessly staying on-trend with the most sought-after eyewear in the industry.

No product development cost
Say goodbye to exorbitant costs associated with traditional product development, as we bring you substantial savings without compromising on quality, style or fit.

Virtual try-on
Use our app to allow your customers to visualize how each design will look on their face before making a commitment.

Explore our plans


Our most complete offering

  • 600 frames / six months
  • Up to 10 designs
  • Up to three nose profiles and three sizes
  • Up to three colours per design
  • Photorealistic product renders
  • Custom branded packaging
  • AR social media Integration


Everything you need to get started with eyewear.

  • 240 frames / six months
  • Up to six designs
  • Up to three nose profiles and two sizes
  • Two colours per design
  • Custom branded packaging


Your gateway to the world of eyewear

  • 60 frames / six months
  • Up to three designs
  • Up to three nose profiles or sizes
  • Unbranded packaging

Ready to get started?