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Develop your product with REFRAMD's inclusive fit

Elevate your brand's eyewear offerings to unprecedented heights with REFRAMD, the leading authority in inclusive eyewear. Our powerful insights and cutting-edge technology are your secret weapons to outshine the competition and capture customers' hearts seeking exceptional fit and style.

Lead benefits

Leverage real-world facial data
We've scanned hundreds of faces, unlocking a wealth of knowledge that has propelled us to the forefront of the industry. Our unique fitting guidelines will enable your brand to create inclusive products that resonate with many customers.

Superior fit
Your customers will enjoy the benefits of superior fit, unrivalled comfort.

Cultivating a brand identity that exudes authenticity and innovation. Partnering with REFRAMD positions your brand as a leader in pursuing inclusivity, earning respect and loyalty from customers who value forward-thinking and purpose-driven companies.

Competitive edge
By integrating our fitting guidelines, you'll set your brand apart and gain an edge over your competitor. Tap into previously untapped customer segments seeking eyewear that embraces their unique features and enhances their style. 

Onward sports eyewear

Onward, an innovative eyewear brand was poised to make its mark in the industry with its unique circular eyewear.

To cater to a diverse customer base, the brand aimed to provide frames of perfect fit. They acknowledged the need for a solution and opted to seek data and insights beyond the traditional sizing models. As a result, they approached REFRAMD.

REFRAMD provided accurate fitting data for individuals of various demographics and genders. Our approach, which relied on data analysis, assisted Onward in improving their sizing strategies and develop their eyewear to cater to customers' unique anatomical requirements.

Onward's circular eyewear range has since received accolades for its innovative circular design and commitment to inclusivity. The collaboration with REFRAMD helped Onward ensure a perfect fit for their customers, demonstrating that innovative design and inclusivity could go hand in hand.

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