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Limited edition collaboration

REFRAMD stands at the forefront of a new era in the eyewear industry, committed to redefining norms and revolutionizing how people experience eyewear through the fusion of design and technology. With an unwavering dedication to inclusivity, we strive to challenge existing norms that perpetuate inequality and discrimination.

Join us in advocating for an inclusive approach to our product offerings, fostering fairness, diversity, and inclusivity. Together, we aim to contribute to the collective effort of building a more progressive and inclusive society

A collective manifesto

Our Limited Edition collaborations epitomize a unified vision. By merging the essences of both our brands, we create extraordinary products that embody our collective identities. It's a captivating fusion of individuality and unity, resulting in creations that are uniquely ours while being universally cherished.

Lead benefits

Human centered
Our cutting-edge technology enables us to swiftly move from the initial design phase, prototyping, production and delivery of your products. We handle all aspects of the design and manufacturing process in-house, ensuring strict control over timelines, quality, and customization. Our agility allows us to meet your expectations and quickly adapt to any changes or requirements, keeping your eyewear collection ahead of market trends and your expectations.

Leverage real-world facial data
We've scanned hundreds of faces, unlocking a wealth of knowledge that has propelled us to the forefront of the industry. Our unique fitting guidelines will enable your brand to create inclusive products that resonate with many customers.

Superior fit
Your customers will enjoy the benefits of superior fit, unrivalled comfort.

Cultivating a brand identity that exudes authenticity and innovation. Partnering with REFRAMD positions your brand as a leader in pursuing inclusivity, earning respect and loyalty from customers who value forward-thinking and purpose-driven companies.

Competitive edge
By integrating our fitting guidelines, you'll set your brand apart and gain an edge over your competitor. Tap into previously untapped customer segments seeking eyewear that embraces their unique features and enhances their style. 

Coming soon: REFRAMD x Playtronica

Teaming up with Playtronica, we've seamlessly blended style, function, and a touch of the extraordinary. Allowing us to push boundaries at the crossroads of design, fashion and tech.

We present to you our newest exploration: Sound-responsive eyewear.
This isn't just eyewear— it is a symphony for your senses, a dynamic combination of sight and sound. A cutting-edge LED strip, intricately woven into each frame, illuminates your world in sync with the rhythm of your environment.

From the subtle rustle of leaves in the wind to the pulsating beat of your favourite song—each frame is a canvas, painting your world with the colours of sound.

This collaboration with Playtronica empowers you to experience the world around you in a whole new way. To not just hear but see the rhythm of life. To not just wear glasses but embrace a lifestyle of sensory exploration.

Stay tuned as we redefine the norms once again. Reframd x Playtronica - get ready to see the sound.

Coming soon: REFRAMD x ISLA

REFRAMD and Isla Berlin stand at the brink of a bold new era, all set to redefine norms and revolutionize how we express ourselves. Together, We're blending the boundaries between eyewear and art, championing that everyone deserves to be seen and celebrated for who they truly are.

This unique collaboration promises to deliver a fusion of forward-thinking design, technology, and artistry, offering an extraordinary way to express individuality. An alliance where the eyewear technology of Reframd meets the youthful, audacious spirit of Isla: A unison that celebrates individuality, inclusivity, and the freedom to express your unique style.

Stay tuned for a collection that is as innovative as it is beautiful, as unique as it is inclusive, and as empowering as it is stylish. Take the chance to be part of this exciting journey to reshape norms and redefine style.

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