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Our Story 2.0

We are Reframd. We are creating change.

Founded in 2020 in Berlin, Germany, by Ackeem Ngwenya and Shariff Vreugd. Reframd is a pioneer in eyewear products designed especially for people with low and wide nose profiles (such as black people). At the core of our values is an unwillingness to accept the world as it is and the belief that we can drive the change we want to see.

Reframd began with a personal frustration of not finding fitting glasses and avoiding wearing any because of how they sat on our noses. It turns out that most off-the-shelf or ready-to-order glasses are designed around “Caucasian” nasal features, i.e., narrow and high nasal bridges. Consequently, people with low and wide nose bridges (primarily black people and people of East Asian descent) wear ill-fitting products.

Reframd designs and produces custom-fit eyewear products driven by each customer’s facial measurements. Our products use widely available technology and parametric design. We incorporate changes to how eyewear frames are designed, such as (a) low bridge slope and (b) wide-angle nose pieces. These factors result in glasses that comfortably fit people like us (people with low and wide nose profiles).

We believe that good design is empowering. That design products should be inclusive, reflecting the rich diversity of society. That is why through creative technologies, we are creating a new generation of products that consider Afropolitans and other neglected communities.

Join us, change the world.