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Effortlessly Chic, Endlessly Versatile: Ummoyo blends timeless round frames with a touch of edgy detail. Perfect for both classic and contemporary looks.

Technical Details
3D printed with a premium matte finish.
Frame width: S=135mm, M=141mm, L=147mm
50,000 open and close hidden spring hinges.
100% protection against UVA/UVB rays and an anti-reflective inner coating.
Includes case and a cleaning cloth.

Consider both nose shape and face width when browsing REFRAMD's inclusive styles.

1. Finding the perfect fit for your glasses starts with understanding your nose bridge. Here are some common bridge shapes:

Wide Bridge: This bridge is broader and flatter, often seen in people of African descent.
High Bridge: This bridge is thinner and more defined, commonly found in people of Caucasian descent.
Low Bridge: This bridg is thinner and flatter, commonly found in people of East Asian descent.

2. Here's a simple trick using a credit card to find frame width.

  • Grab a credit card: Any debit or credit card will work.
  • Face the mirror: Stand comfortably in front of a well-lit mirror.
  • Align the card: Hold the card horizontally across your face, aligning the edge with the middle of your nose.

Measure visually: Note where the outer edge of the card reaches on your face.


  • Small (138 mm or lower): If the card doesn't reach your temples, you likely have a small face width. Consider browsing our small frames.
  • Medium (138 mm - 147 mm): If the card's edge lines up with your temples, you have a medium face width. Medium will fit you well.
  • Large (147 mm or larger): If the card extends past your temples, you have a large face width. Explore our large frames.

Love the style, but unsure about size? Our friendly team is happy to chat and help you find the perfect fit!

Worth the Wait: We craft your order with love (and it takes a bit!), so expect it in 3 weeks. But hey, hassle-free returns if it's not perfect!

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