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Eyewear digitally tailored to fit you perfectly.

We've just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign. We'll ship our sunglasses to backers in October. Pre-order yours now to get in line.

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Eyewear for black people's nose profiles.

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    We see you

    We capture your facial landmarks to compile a unique 3D model of your face.

    Uniquely yours

    Your frame is parametrically adjusted for an optimal and comfortable fit.

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    Choose your favourite design, frame color and lens color.

    What makes REFRAMD unique?

    1. The Bridge: one design, many nose profiles.

    No matter your nose profile, our designs are adjusted to fit comfortably around the bridge of your nose.

    2. The Nose Pads

    Adjusted to fit the slopes of your nose.

    3. Pantoscopic Tilt

    Adjusted to stop frames resting on cheekbones

    Reflecting the rich diversity of society.

    We believe that design products should embrace all members of society and especially those who are overlooked. We want our products to lead the charge. Come join us.