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Origin Story

Founded in 2020, REFRAMD is an innovative eyewear brand, redefining the norms of the eyewear industry and operating at the intersection of design, technology and fashion. We champion inclusivity and ensure that every individual, regardless of their face shape or size, finds a pair of glasses they love and fit perfectly.

The idea for REFRAMD came from personal frustrations and dissatisfaction with our experience of trying on glasses. We had long believed that our faces were not suited for glasses, but eventually realized that the issue was with the glasses available on the market. This realization led to the creation of glasses designed specifically for people with our facial features.

Our brand name, REFRAMD, was chosen because it connects to eyewear frames and symbolizes viewing things from a fresh perspective. Additionally, we were drawn to the fact that "Ra" or "Re" is the sun god's name in Egyptian mythology.

Meet the Founders

REFRAMD is an award-winning, Google-supported, Berlin-based start-up founded and led by Ackeem Ngwenya and Shariff Vreugd.

Ackeem and Shariff's paths crossed at the Berlin African Food Festival in 2019, where Ackeem showcased his 3D-printed prototype eyewear frames to festival-goers. Shariff tried on the frames and was impressed by their comfortable fit, particularly around the nose bridge. This encounter sparked their initial bond.

Inclusivity means Design for All

At first, REFRAMD focused on creating eyewear specifically designed for Black people's nose profiles. We noticed a significant problem in this area and wanted to address it. However, we soon realized that our inclusive approach could benefit everyone. For example, audiobooks were created as a solution for blind people, but they are now enjoyed by everyone.

Our eyewear collections are designed to fit various demographics and prioritise style and fit. We believe all customers should be able to easily find eyewear that complements their unique face shape and size. With our eyewear, customers can discover styles they'll love and feel confident wearing. Explore our collection today to find the perfect pair of glasses for you.

Fashion Tech

We incorporate technological advancements into our products' creation and manufacturing. This allows us to produce stunning products, quickly adapt to changing consumer behaviours and provide you with a virtual experience of our products before making a purchase.