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REFRAMD Fit in wide, high and low variations
REFRAMD Fit in three nose variations

Made from sustainably farmed castor beans.

Wide Fit
High Fit
Low Fit
Zero Waste Production

We use state-of-the-art SLS 3D printing technology, ensuring zero overproduction and no production waste.

REFRAMD Fit: The Eyewear Solution for Every Face

Our innovative 3-profile, 3-size system ensures a perfect fit for every customer, eliminating returns and boosting your bottom line. REFRAMD offers the size-inclusive eyewear solution you've been waiting for.

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How it works

Choose Your Style

Browse our collection of stylish frames and pick the perfect designs for your customers.

Customize the Fit

Select the ideal size (small,medium,large) and profile (narrow,medium,wide) to ensure a comfortable fit for every face.

We Produce, You Profit

Leave the production to us! We'll handle creating perfectly-fitting eyewear based on your chosen design and fit options.

Unlock new opportunities and design innovative experiences with endless possibilities.

White Label

Enhance your brand's appeal by offering your favourite REFRAMD eyewear designs tailored to embody your unique brand identity.

Private Label

Leverage our cutting-edge technology and design expertise to transform your vision into high-quality eyewear, with you being part of the process every step of the way.


Join forces with our brand to elevate your brand's style, co-creating a unique, limited-run eyewear collection that fuses the distinctive qualities of our identities.

Case study

ONWARD Performance Eyewear

Gaining deep insights from diverse demographics to drive tailored product development.

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